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Hammacher Schlemmer

I always thought hot tub time machines would be something to look forward to in the 21st century, but I guess we aren’t that far in science yet. Well, we have something almost as cool to splurge on in the meantime. Check out this Hot Tub Boat on Hammacher Schlemmer.

Forget houseboats, it’s the summer of hot tub boats. This electric boat has a hot tub built onto its deck, making it the most lavish hot tub I’ve ever seen. Boaters, if you’re looking for an upgrade, then this is the product you’re looking for.

The Hot Tub Boat

hot tub boat
Hammacher Schlemmer
  • 104-degree water maximum
  • Max load of 2,100 pounds
  • Electric motor

The Hot Tub Boat is built by a marine carpenter based out of Seattle, Washington. The floating hot tub has a slatted deck that’s crafted from African teak, making it high-quality and a little costly.

It’s time to get the whole family to put those COVID-19 stimulus checks together. (Kidding.) Well, since six people can fit in the hot tub, I’d say it’s worth asking your river rat buddies if they want to pitch in.

It’s a unique way to lounge around this summer. The electric motor allows the boat to reach up to 5 MPH on calm water. Steer the boat with a joystick, and enjoy a day out on the water.

hot tub boat
Hammacher Schlemmer

Get your beer ready! There are ice chests built into the deck, and there’s a stereo system to play your favorite tunes. Lake days would be unforgettable on this awesome boat.

The Hot Tub Boat sounds like a dream. It’s truly an impressive invention. If I ever win the lottery, I’m buying this. Are you willing to splurge on the hot tub boat?


If not, there’s always a more budget-friendly option to stay active on the water. Check out the motorized pool float and GoBoats.


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