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Jesse James' "Monster Garage" Team Turns Mustang Into Lawnmower

Who remembers this epic Monster Garage episode? As it turns out, it was actually the first episode of the Discovery Channel TV show to be produced, and the challenge was to transform a stock 1990 Ford Mustang GT convertible into a functioning lawnmower. Jesse James and his team members came together to see if they could make it happen, and they didn't disappoint.

Here were the rules: The vehicle had to look stock. They couldn't spend anymore than $3,000. And, they had seven days total to get it done. Considering the restrictions they had, I'd say the results of this Ford Mustang lawnmower, nicknamed Switchblade, were pretty incredible. Who needs a hot rod when they have this?

Jesse may be known as the West Coast Choppers bike builder from Long Beach, but make no mistake, he certainly knows his way around custom cars as well. They quickly ditched the back seat, mufflers, and catalytic converter, and replaced it with a Briggs & Stratton 10-horsepower mower engine with a 48-inch triangular Delta deck mower, placed just behind the rear wheels. They also attached three cylindrical blades to the doors and rear of the car. Inside the vehicle, they added controls to raise and lower the blades.

'Monster Garage' Transforms Mustang Into Lawnmower

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Now, they could have dropped in some Chevy or Dodge V8 engine to up the power, but the car was already outfitted with a rear-wheel drive 200-horsepower 5.0 V8, and they were on a pretty strict deadline, so they decided to keep it. After throwing on some gold-spoke wheels, the car was ready for a new paint job. The team started with a black smoke outline and used a "Kameleon" green-to-silver top coat. By the time they applied the final clear coat, this coupe was looking pretty slick. The whole car just screams that it's from the '90s.

The car actually went up for sale at the famous Barrett Jackson auction. This place sells everything from DeLoreans to firetrucks, and in 2008, this wicked Ford Mustang creation went up on the block. The vehicle sold for $8,030 and it's safe to say they picked up one of the coolest lawnmowers ever made. Imagine cutting your grass at 100 MPH, because that's what this car is capable of!

This whole Monster Garage episode is an incredible throwback moment of television. Really makes you think about how many great shows they had going on at the time!

This article was originally published August 11, 2020.

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