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The Headless Motorcycle Rider of Elmore Road Is a Terrifying Small-Town Tale

Who doesn't love a good ghost story around this time of the year?

Ohio is a state that's known its plethora of haunted tales and urban legends, and the one we'll be looking at today comes from Elmore, Ohio.

A long ways back, an incident occurred in the small country region of Ottawa County, spawning the legend of the Headless Motorcycle Rider of Elmore Road. Let's dive into the backstory, and how see how this whole legend came to be.

The Headless Motorcycle Rider of Elmore Road

The story dates back decades and decades, beginning with a World War I veteran whose intention was to surprise his love upon his return. To his own surprise, he found his sweetheart had moved on with another man. Clearly heartbroken, the veteran's first response was to hop on his motorcycle, and ride off into the distance to clear his mind. Now, of course, the betrayal that he witnessed filled him with anger, confusion, and sadness, all distracting factors that don't exactly mix well when you're riding a motorcycle.

To make matters worse, the rain began to pour down, only adding more dangerous aspects to the scenario. The veteran, obviously riding at unsafe speeds, began to come up on a section of road that included a sharp corner and a very narrow bridge.

Suddenly, the rider lost control and fatally crashed into the water beneath the bridge. Eventually, authorities arrived on the scene, and what they found went beyond just a lifeless body. They also noted that since the crash was so violent, the deceased rider was decapitated during his last moments.

Considering that the tragedy occurred in such a small town, it didn't take very long for the news to spread.

The Rider's Annual Appearance

While most accounts of the story note that it took place on March 21, it's been more difficult to pinpoint the exact year. In fact, even the specific location cannot be 100 percent proven, though the most trusted answer is that it all happened on the bridge that crosses an area called Mud Creek.

Regardless, it's been rumored that the Elmore Ghost Rider makes an annual appearance on the 21st of March. Many of the town's residents hang out around the bridge on this day, with the hopes of seeing the alleged headless rider. While there have been countless reports of sightings involving a motorcycle headlight going down the road and disappearing at the bridge, it's challenging to find an individual who will attest to witnessing it in person.

Some say the veteran will randomly appear at some point during the darkness of this night, while others are convinced you need to take part in a ritual in order to summon him. This ritual may include flashing your headlights a few times, and potentially also honking your horn before the headlight and rider will appear.

One of the greatest signs of proof actually comes from a resident by the name of Richard Gill. A former teacher, Gill decided to investigate things for himself after hearing about the urban legend. He brought a friend with him, and they performed the ritual. Surely enough, they witnessed the headlight appear and pass them by. They then attempted it once more, but this time they set up a string across the road. They successfully summoned him once again, to find the rider went right through the string without breaking it.

On the third attempt, Mr. Gill's friend stood in the middle of the road. The rider was summoned again, and as Gill looked over at his friend, he found he had disappeared. Upon investigation, Gill found him in the ditch, semi-conscious. The friend did not remember what had happened during those moments.

Even today, you'll find residents of this small town hanging out around the bridge on March 21 with hopes of catching a glimpse of the rider. If you ever find yourself near Elmore, Ohio during this time, I'd recommend checking out the bridge in person to test out the legend for yourself. If you're not too scared...

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