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The Truth About Joe Biden and Motorcycles

Not to make things political, but sometimes we need to realize a few things about world leaders.

Really, they're really just like us. They're human. They have wants and needs. And, in some cases, they have a need for speed. Just like us.

Take President Joe Biden as an example. Regardless of how you feel about his politics, Democrats, Republicans, or the state of the White House, it's time to set those thoughts aside, at least for the duration of this article, because the man has some insight into some impressive engines.

The Man Has a Classic Corvette Stingray

Back when we knew him as Vice President Joe Biden, the current POTUS met up with Jay Leno and a whole swarm of Secret Service agents at a top secret facility to play with cars.

The fact that this event occurred at all is pretty impressive, since American leaders are specifically forbidden to drive on public roads while in office. Somehow, through Jay Leno car magic, Biden's granted a kitchen pass, and proceeds to tell one of the most romantic car stories ever told.

Waiting for him at this top-secret soon-to-be drag strip is his very own, one-owner 1967 Corvette Stingray. It was a wedding present to him from his father, who owned a car dealership throughout Biden's childhood. He's managed to hold onto it since it was gifted to him brand new at the lot, and though the engine has been rebuilt, you can tell the man loves this car. He eagerly hops behind the wheel with youthful exuberance, rips a massive burnout, and demonstrates exactly what this beautiful hunk of metal can do.

In fact, Biden cites the Corvette Z06 as the reason he delayed his bid for the White House. With that pesky "no driving" rule, you can't rule the free world and do 0-60 MPH in three seconds simultaneously.

What About Joe Biden and Motorcycles?

Here's where it becomes a little harder to separate fact from fiction.

Yes, Joe Biden is also a badass biker. No, those pictures from The Onion, and the resulting memes, are not accurate. He did not jump a Harley-Davidson over the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. Sporting the flag of his home state of Delaware on his bike, he did, however, join fellow badass bikers New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Billy Joel on the September 11 Memorial Ride, which traces the route taken by New York Fire Department's Rescue 1 unit on the morning of the attack.

Since Uncle Joe isn't currently allowed to get the wind in his hair, he's been enjoying whatever motorcycle interaction he can get. He made a campaign stop at the National Motorcycle Museum to get his fill of raw power. He was even seen sitting on a Cincinnatti, Ohio barber's Suzuki Hayabasa in 2018. The huge grin on his face indicates he knows exactly what he would do, if only he could rev the engine and peel out.

Sadly, since the presidential election, Joe Biden has had to squelch that need for speed, taking on bigger concerns like the world-wide coronavirus pandemic and contentious presidential election.

But, as a champion of the working class, it does appear that Biden has some policies in mind to benefit motorcyclists. This includes checking some of the tariffs that former President Trump put into place, which manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson have confirmed put a $1.4 million damper on their business in 2019.

Really, it could be a major benefit to American gearheads to have a car-and-bike guy in the White House. A guy who knows what it means to hit the gas, who appreciates the value of a well-tuned engine, and who understands why every spark plug and hose needs to be in exactly the right place. Of course, only time will tell.

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This post was originally published on June 1, 2021.

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