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This 24-Foot Mini Yacht Offers Power and Luxury in a Small Package


Even if you have the money to buy one, owning a 200+ foot superyacht can be more hassle than it's actually worth. There are some smaller watercrafts available for purchase, but none of the options are quite like this one.

Let me introduce you to the Jet Capsule, a luxurious mini yacht from Lazzarini Design out of Italy, sporting a compact yet practical design.

Jet Capsule Specs

Let's look at what they're selling here. The length of this yacht from end to end only measures out to 24 feet. However, it's what they've managed to do with that space that makes this thing so impressive. A personal watercraft should be personal, and they offer tons of customizable interior layouts. It even comes with air conditioning. The hull is made from carbon fiber, and it's equipped with some pretty cool photochromic windows that change according to light exposure.

It boasts powerful water jet propulsion through your choice of single or dual Yanmar diesel engines, giving you either 370 to 740 horsepower. This gives the yacht a top speed of right around 35 knots, or 40 MPH. It may not entirely match the maximum speed of a jet ski, but it makes up for it with the luxuries onboard. No matter if you want a sundeck, a kitchen, more seats for your group of friends, or hell, even if you plan to use it as a water taxi, it can be built any way you want it.


It may be cheaper than a superyacht, but it does still come with a solid price tag. These models can range anywhere from $181,000 to $308,000 for a fully customized version.

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Various Jet Capsule Models

Recently, they even came out with a new model, the Royal Version 001, which offers even more luxuries and upgrades. For this model, buyers will have the extra option of purchasing a Rolls Royce or Hamilton jet drive on top of their engine setup. This combination makes a maximum of 1,040 horsepower. The length increases to 26 feet, and it comes with a motorized carbon fiber rear door, upgraded leather seats and teak trim, improved AC, a bathroom, and a wet bar on the other side. To own one for yourself, you're looking at around $285,000.


There's even more models that you can choose from on the website, as well. The Italian company also offers the Super Jet, which is a much sportier version of the mini yacht, but they also have another vessel that draws attention: The Unidentified Floating Object, or UFO.

The fiberglass hull on this thing looks exactly like a spaceship, but it also looks absolutely incredible inside. People have used these things as rentable houseboats, gyms, and even floating restaurants. Divided into different sections, you have the main living area, the bedroom which gives an underwater view, a kitchen, and the bathroom area. It's pretty awesome!

Lazzarini Design is certainly making waves in the industry. Their products are extremely unique and surprisingly luxurious for such a small area to work with. Between the jet capsules and the UFO, I can't wait to see what else they come out with in the future.


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