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NASCAR Drivers in Charlotte Take Advantage of the Snow by Having Some Fun Outdoors

Charlotte, North Carolina isn't known for getting a whole lot of snow most years. In fact, while the average snowfall in the United States is 26 inches of snow per year, Charlotte only averages two inches of snow annually.

Just this past weekend though, a winter storm swept into Charlotte and piled on 10 inches of snow, with some places in the southern city getting even more. Since they're not used to such a massive amount of snow, a number of Charlotte residents took advantage of the snowfall by enjoying some time outdoors. Chief among these winter revelers was a few of NASCAR's finest.

Armed with a painting of a Pomeranian as a makeshift "snow measuring tool," Dale Earnhardt Jr. showed just how much snow he got outside of his home. It looked like enough snow to get completely lost in, but Junior didn't seem to hate it all that much.

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Matt DiBenedetto had some fun with the family dogs, while Regan Smith showed off a pretty awesome picturesque view.

Ray Evernham decided to use the ice and snow as an opportunity for his daughter to brush up on her back steering skills. She may just be in a Barbie Jeep now, but Ray seems to think that she has some serious chops as a #futuresprintcarracer.

Blake Koch just had some good old fashioned fun with the family.

With more snow on the way for Charlotte, it's only a matter of time before the outdoor fun-type weather makes way for the buckling down and staying safe and warm inside-type weather. But, until then, it's all about snow angels, snowball fights, and power wheels drifting.

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