man's reaction to isle of man tt race
YouTube: Ollie FPV

Dad's Reaction to High-Speed Motorcycle Race Is Hilarious and Heartwarming


A YouTuber named Ollie got to experience this awesome moment with his father after bringing him to see his very first Isle of Man TT race in person back in 2014. For those that are not aware, Isle of Man TT is easily the most high-speed, dangerous, and intense motorcycle race you will ever witness. If it's this crazy to watch, just imagine what it would feel like to be on the bike.

The father and son posted up on Bray Hill and waited for the riders to pass by. The father brought a camera with him, but, for a brief moment, he decided to put it down to get the full experience of the race. As he leaned on the gate, the first two riders come flying by, and he immediately looks back at his son's camera with a massive smirk on his face. It's as if he found his inner kid once again, because that smile didn't leave his face for the rest of the video.

He's absolutely blown away at the speed these racers are passing him. Both he and his son could barely hold in their giggling. The sheer amount of joy on this dad's face is enough to make anyone smile with him. It's a great reaction to a seriously wild race. The best part of the video is when the dad smiles at the camera and says. "That's totally out of order." That's such a perfect line for this situation. You have to love the Brits!


This is a pretty epic moment, and it's bound to lift your spirits a bit. Watching the Isle of Man race should be on anyone's bucket list, and this video shows exactly why. I'm glad the son had his camera ready to catch his old man's reaction to his first time at this unique race.

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