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Suzuki vs. BMW in 200 MPH Superbike Race


If you're not familiar with the Isle of Man TT races (with the TT standing for Tourist Trophy), we need to fill you in on these epic events. They've been held almost every year since 1907 at the Snaefell Mountain Course. Using a time-trial format while being held on public roads that are closed down during the event, the TT festival consists of one week of practice sessions followed by one race week.

Simply put, these superbike races are known for being insanely fast.

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These sick rides are generally racing around the superbike TT course at an average speed of 200 MPH for entire laps, making for some of the best entertainment out there. Considering the long history of the races, there have been countless classic runs, one of them being the above showdown from 2015, where both competitors absolutely delivered.

Throughout the above helmet cam video lasting around 20 minutes, British racer Guy Martin, driving a Tyco Suzuki, is shown chasing down BMW driver Michael Dunlop (the nephew of the late Joey Dunlop, a 26-time Isle of Man TT road race winner) in the iconic supersport race.

Talk about pure adrenaline on film. You mix in the speed that these two are moving at with the sharp turns and epic straightaways of the closed course, and it's like some sort of real-life Tron-type contest. Of course, the helmet cam footage adds a whole other dimension to the race, but I have to imagine that seeing this in person would be pretty damn incredible, too.

Trust me, you're gonna want to watch this more than once.


This post was originally published on December 7, 2018.

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