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Dan Bilzerian's Net Worth: How Much Is the "Instagram King" Worth?


Everyone likes money. You like money. I like money. Your family and friends like money. Obama likes money, and Trump likes money. We all like money. And, to some extent, there's nothing wrong with that. But, of course, money isn't everything.

Armenian-American internet personality Dan Bilzerian certainly likes money-perhaps this shared interest explains why so many people, for better or worse, live vicariously through Dan's social media presence.

In fact, Tampa, Florida-raised Dan Brandon Bilzerian probably likes money almost as much as he likes abusing women, getting arrested at LAX for trying to make bombs, pretending to be a presidential candidatepretending to be an actorbothering police during the Las Vegas, Nevada terrorist shooting, getting called out for being generally disgusting by a Medal of Honor recipient, and taking constant Instagram photo shoots.

So, clearly, money isn't everything for Dan Bilzerian. He has plenty of... hobbies, as well. But it does make you wonder: How much is this guy really worth?


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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

So, what is Dan Bilzerian's net worth? We don't have any idea. Dan has stated that he estimates his own net worth at about $100 million, but we'll take Danny's word for something the day he finally says: "I keep my beard because it covers up the second, even smaller phallus that's on my chin."

There are no other official numbers out on how much Dan Bilzerian is worth, so we can't in good conscience offer you an estimate. We do know that Dan Bilzerian and his brother Adam Bilzerian are probably extremely rich. Their father, Paul Bilzerian, was a corporate takeover specialist and Wall Street raider that set up trust funds for both his children.



We also know that Dan has a fairly lucrative poker career. In a Howard Stern interview, Dan said that although he refuses to play against professional poker players, he won about $50 million in one year off poker games. In other news, Dan's girlfriend goes to another school, so you probably don't know her. In all seriousness, both Bilzerian brothers have proven themselves to be decently skilled at the poker table, which has probably served them well financially. In the 2009 World Series of Poker main event, Dan came in 180th place -- certainly respectable.

We also know that "The King of Instagram" (a self-proclaimed title, by the way) won $385,000 in a quarter-mile race against prominent Supreme Court expert Tom Goldstein. Bilzerian beat out the Ferrari 458 Italia in a 1967 AC Cobra.


Dan Bilzerian's Personal Life and Lavish Lifestyle

Dan's lifestyle certainly takes its toll on himself and those around him. In Navy Seal training, Dan failed to graduate twice and was ultimately cut after a safety violation on the shooting range. By the time he was 32, Dan had already suffered three heart attacks related to his drug abuse and high stakes lifestyle.

What's more, in agreeing to push an 18-year-old woman, Janice Griffith, from a multi-story roof into a pool for Hustler in 2014, he shares much of the blame for the injuries she suffered. There is also video evidence of Bilzerian deliberately kicking another woman, Vanessa Castano, in the face at a Florida nightclub while wearing what appear to be heavy combat boots.


So, there is certainly plenty of evidence that Dan "Blitz" Bilzerian is rich. But, money isn't everything and, unfortunately, there also seems to be a lot of evidence that the so-called Instagram King is a damaging, toxic influence on society who's probably pretty damn sad inside.


Well, this one's for you, Danny.

This post was originally published on June 20, 2019.

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