totaled $300k ferrari

Speeding Schmuck Totals $300K Ferrari


It shouldn't come as a shock to you that most folks out there don't have the funds to cop a Ferrari 458 Italia. I mean, they run for around $300,000. It's safe to say they're basically reserved for hot-shot CEOs, A-list celebrities, and...yeah, that's pretty much about it. If you're in the majority that can't afford the ridiculously expensive Italian supercar, though, you can always rent one for a day or two. Still not cheap, but way more manageable for your average person, and the perfect way to give yourself a taste of that high-end lifestyle.

If you are considering renting one of these bad boys, you're not gonna want to push it too hard. Just take it for a nice, slow, scenic cruise, be seen by other drivers, and soak in the luxury for a few, brief moments. You know the drill. Anything more than that, and you're just asking for trouble.

The guy in the above video probably could've stood to heed that advice. Instead, he got a little too big for his britches on a windy mountain road and ended up TOTALING the Ferrari. A $300,000 luxury car. Completely totaled. It brings a tear to the eye just typing those words.


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To add insult to injury, the dude mounted a dashcam before taking this Ferrari on its final joy ride, so everyone got to witness his epic fail. Jump ahead to the 1:41 point, and you can hear his lady friend telling him to "be careful" just seconds before he totals the car.

Does it get any more cringeworthy than that? The answer is no. No, it does not.

This post was originally published on June 25, 2019.


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