camaro police chase
YouTube: ABC13 Houston

Camaro Leads Houston Police on a High-Speed Chase

If you watch the first five minutes or so of the above raw video, you might think that it was footage from a heist movie or something. Only, the three suspects in the white Chevy Camaro weren't making their getaway from high-end bank or jewelry store robbery, but had actually just come from robbing a GameStop in Houston, Texas.

Footage of the incident -- an incident that occurred in April 2018 -- shows a high-speed pursuit on the 610 North Loop. The suspects were eventually apprehended, but not before causing law enforcement to sweat just a little bit.

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Here's a little more backstory on the incident, per ABC13 Houston, who covered the wild scene as it happened live.

After the suspects fled, officers managed to find them on the 610 North Loop. Police pursued the suspects until their Camaro suddenly stopped.

The three men surrendered to police after a brief standoff on the North Loop at McCarty.

Our cameras were there as officers pulled out bags of evidence from their car, including the Ghostface masks made popular in Wes Craven's 'Scream' horror franchise.

We spoke with someone who works next to the store that was robbed, and watched the suspects' high speed getaway.

"I saw the white Camaro speed out, do a U-turn in traffic, almost hit a few cars, and then speed off towards I-10," the woman said. "And then, like five minutes later, a few cop cars are chasing after him."

Not to endorse the decisions of robbers or anything, but the Scream masks were a nice touch. If Christmas in July is a thing, why not Halloween in April?

But, what we got here wasn't the fun kind of spooky, but a terrifying standoff that, thankfully, didn't lead to anyone getting seriously hurt.

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