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Speeding Driver Destroys Camaro in Terrifying Rollover Wreck


If you have a sports car, it's natural to want to push it to its ultimate limit. That being said, it can take a decent amount of patience and practice to really ease into a car's power and torque. NASCAR drivers make it look so easy, but navigating around sharp turns while maintaining a high level of speed is not just something you should just dive into headfirst. Unless you plan on inflicting serious damage on yourself or your car.

Someone should have told that to this Chevrolet Camaro driver before he found out the hard way. Judging from this video of his intense roadside rollover in California, this guy is lucky he was able to walk away from the wreck. Just check it out the above footage for yourself.

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The video of the extreme rollover was accompanied by this simple caption: "Don't buy a used 1LE and then a week later attempt to outrun/pass a modified Camaro SS whose owner has autocross and trackday experience. Yes, the driver survived. He walked away essentially unscathed. A fine testament to the 5th gens occupant protection capabilities."

Hey, it's perfectly normal to want to feel a rush every now and then. But this impromptu off-roading session is a rush that pretty much no one -- save for those with a serious death wish -- want to feel.

It's a safe bet that the guy's Camaro was pretty much totaled in the crash, but if he ever plans on getting another speced-out ride in the near future, here's hoping he takes it for a few spins in a parking lot or something before trying to go the high-speed, Fast and Furious route with it.

This post was originally published on October 15, 2018.


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