Dashcam captures a Camaro doing its best Mustang impression Burk Bork /YouTube:

Occasionally, Karma is absurdly direct. The nameless Camaro driver in the above video falls victim to a combination of karmic justice and his own stupidity after attempting to climb a telephone pole in his car.

The video starts normally, with some strange dual dash cam setup that makes you feel a bit nauseous, but soon the culprit, a black Camaro, appears on the scene. The Camaro speeds by, slows to a crawl, brake checks the tailing car three times, and almost collides with someone coming out of a parking lot.

It’s likely at this point that the driver tailing the erratic car realized that he’s not dealing with a pro.

The Camaro stops to contemplate his next move at a red light. Should he continue driving like an idiot? Maybe he should switch to retiree driving mode and crawl along at 10 below the speed limit? Or maybe, perhaps he should try to Even Knievel it over the road, using a telephone pole as a ramp. Definitely the last one; you wouldn’t be a good driver if you didn’t immediately scream, “Three!” and gun it.

And that’s exactly what Camaro guy did, and Camaro guy got stuck, and then he tried in vain to reverse out of it like nothing happened.

Some say that he’s still there to this day, and, if you listen closely to the wind, you can hear the desperate whirring of a Camaro’s tires grasping at the air.

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