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"Counting Cars" Team Rebuilds '41 Buick for a Good Cause, and the Couple's Reaction Says It All

Danny "The Count" Koker constantly stays busy at Count's Kustoms, his Las Vegas custom hot rod shop. Thanks to the History Channel TV show Counting Cars, we've seen tons of beautiful American muscle car creations leave the shop. They've worked on all kinds of classic cars and pickup trucks from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Cadillac, and so much more. Even today, they're still cranking out new episodes, with Counting Cars season 10 being the most recent to air.

Every now and then, the Count's car show gets a really special project, and this '41 Buick in the Big Love Buick episode was a perfect example. A couple came into the shop and wanted to get a custom vehicle made so they could put it up for auction and raise awareness for a rare disease called NF2. Their only request was that the car was badass, so Danny Koker could go in basically any direction he wanted. He could've gone with a Corvette, Caddy, Monte Carlo, Camaro, or Mustang, but he and Kevin both felt that the '41 Buick was a perfect choice for this one.

The shop dedicated hundreds of hours worth of work on the body, paint, and mechanical components on this old ride. Koker completely surpassed the former glory that this car once was, and it was entirely transformed into a custom dream car. I mean, this thing is so clean it looks like it should be at a SEMA show. As the couple comes back to see the finished product, they are speechless as Ryan rolls the Buick out of the shop. Together, the couple, Danny, Kevin, and Ryan all go over the upgrades to this classic.

Counting Cars Team Rebuilds 1941 Buick for Charity

The first thing you notice about this car is the gorgeous black-and-orange paint job. It truly pops when the car is rolled into the sun, with the orange shifting to a golden shade. They smoothed out all of the body lines to make this car truly unique compared to how it came from the factory. As he pops the hood, you get a look at the big block Chevrolet 409 engine with modern electronics and even air conditioning.

Moving on to the inside, it was fitted with a custom black leather interior with orange stitching. Looking at the dash shows a perfect blend of black and silver to match the car. Finally, as they open the trunk, they show off the quality sound system, which includes amplifiers and multiple speakers. The best part was that they integrated the sound system without losing any of the trunk space.

The final result brings this couple to tears as they say thank you to Danny and the shop. It was exactly what they were looking for, and you can tell this vehicle was made with some serious love. I'm a little surprised that Horny Mike didn't try to put his magic touch on the car. Unfortunately, Roli is no longer on the show, but I know he'd love to get his hands on this one as well. It might not as high-dollar as a custom Shelby or Road Runner, but this is undoubtedly one cool car that's going to bring a good chunk of change at auction.

This article was originally published August 10, 2020.