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The Men's Romper Will Make Your Eyeballs Hurt


In the world of outrageous fashion trends, few families of clothing can match the outright boldness of the men's romper. If you're looking for a conversation starter or attention-grabber, the men's romper will help establish you as the center-focus of any room -- just maybe not for the right reasons.

If you're familiar with women's rompers, the men's romper -- or RompHim -- is mostly the same thing. Only made for men. So, as you can imagine, it's not the most flattering article of men's clothing. It's basically a pair of cloth coveralls with the legs and arms hemmed to shorts and short sleeves. Functional? No. But fashionable? Also no.

The RompHim

The men's romper one piece first came to the world, like so many semi-ironic trends, in the last few years via Kickstarter. Since production began, the targeted hipster and high-fashion demographics haven't seemed particularly fond of the garment, however, the fraternity and "bro" communities have really taken the RompHim and run with it. And in it, unfortunately.


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Men's Romper Suit and Tuxedo

If you thought your basic men's romper couldn't be more inappropriate menswear for a social occasion, you are, unfortunately, incorrect. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the romper suit and tuxedo. If you can't imagine what that could possibly look like, good for you.

For the rest of us (maybe you've seen a romper suit in action or maybe you just have a good imagination), you'll understand the men's romper onesie suit is quite possibly the least appropriate piece of "formal" clothing ever created. Still not convinced? Some of these tuxes have zippers...

Men's Lace Romper

We saved the most outrageous iteration of the men's romper for last. It seems, when developing the men's romper, fashion designer/mad scientists were too busy asking if they could and never asked themselves if they should. If you've never seen a men's lace romper, now is the time to hit up google images (or don't). After that, maybe consider doing a quick search for malamute puppy pictures to revitalize your faith in the world, which will waiver.


The combination of fashion's ugliest article of clothing and sexiest material will certainly leave you with mixed feelings. Namely, a dangerous concoction of disdain and pity.

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