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Looking for a Sweet Dad Hat for Any Occasion? Here Are Our Favorites.

Dad hats are a great way to imply that you have some sort of responsibility outdoors without having to actually join a softball league. They're all the masculinity of a youth football coach in a single article of clothing, so they're perfect in a lot of situations including a business-casual meeting with Ron Howard or, if you're Ron Howard himself, your entire existence.

But, seriously, dad hats are a super useful low-profile accessory. Whether you're blocking the sun on a hike or disguising yourself after a botched bank heist, you'll find yourself needing a dad hat on retainer one day. If you don't have one or are otherwise in the market, here are our favorite options from across the internet.

What Are Dad Hats?

Dad hats are essentially what young people are calling your average baseball hat. In doing so, we've elevated the ever-functional cap into an article of fashion. You're welcome.

Whether it's a snapback or strap-back, denim or camo, twill or corduroy, if it's a baseball cap and it's indoors, then it's probably a dad hat. Any sense of irony attached to the cap is also a pretty good sign of a dad hat. For confirmation, place the hat on your head. If you feel a sudden pang to water the lawn, it's a dad hat.

Cool Dad Hats Are Best Dad Hats

Don't just pick up any cheap dad cap you find -- unless it's from a thrift store. Usually, though, the best dad hat is the coolest dad hat. Here are our favorite options.

The Got 'Em Hat

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You looked! This hat comes in black, red, and green and is made in the United States.

The Hat Hat

If you really like hats, this black dad hat is perfect for you. Or, if you're more of a beanie type person, consider the Hat Hat's hipster cousin the Beanie Beanie (American Spirits not included).

The You're Too Close Hat

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If you are tired of people walking on your heels, this is the dad hat for you. It also works great as a plain black hat, which goes with everything. And, also nothing, somehow.

Camo Hat

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What hat? If you're looking to sneak up on someone, this hat of invisibility might be exactly what you're looking for. Also perfect for hiding an oversized forehead.

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Custom Dad Hats

Maybe you've got an idea for your own dad hat? There are tons of places that let you create and customize your own dad hat. Here are some of the best custom dad hat outlets.

Embroidered Letters Custom Dad Hat

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If you're just looking to add a few words to a hat (or copy an expensive brand's idea), this is a great option with tons of different colors to choose from. The fabric is cotton twill. You can choose from any phrase under the sun, including "Hi, Hungry, I'm..."

Logo or Picture Custom Dad Hat

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If you're looking to have a graphic or image, as well, this is a better option. Maybe you want a picture of your actual dad on your dad hat? Not a problem for these guys.

Putting a Cap On It

Wrapping up, we just want to remind you to go with your heart when picking out a cap. Channel your inner-dad as you pursue punny, ironic, dad-tastic hats from across the web and find one that screams "tie-dye t-shirt and cargo shorts."

*Disclaimer: dad hats are unisex and in no way make you anyone's actual father.

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