Worst Case Scenario Faulty Car Brakes
YouTube: Mike Patey

Bear Grylls Shows How to Navigate a Car With Faulty Brakes



Bear Grylls is no stranger to surviving dangerous situations. Over the years, we've seen him take on a long list of isolated wilderness areas, but he's shifted his focus in recent years. In the above video, he goes through exactly what you need to do to bring your vehicle to a stop if you find yourself in a car with faulty brakes.

Pushing the brake pedal down and getting no response is probably one of the worst feelings that you can get, especially if you're heading downhill. However, it's important that you avoid panic and take the right next steps, so that you can get the car stopped. Obviously, you'd want to try the easier options first. This would include pumping the brakes, using the emergency brake lightly to avoid skidding, or using your engine braking to help slow your speed. With a show named Worst Case Scenario, Bear had to take it a step further. He shows what you need to do if none of the above options are working.

First off, you should turn your hazards on, and begin to prepare for more extreme measures. You may want to avoid turning your engine off, because you'll lose your power steering, and it's almost guaranteed to lead to a crash. Instead, start making some zig-zag maneuvers to help slow your speed. The friction in the tires as you turn back and forth will help slow you down.


Grylls also veers to the dirt portions next to the road to help lose momentum. If all else fails, you can also lightly grind against the guardrail to help slow your speed down. If you run out of options, hitting the car in front of you would be a much better option than hitting an oncoming vehicle.

Hopefully, you don't find yourself in this situation, but if you do, it's good to have some idea of what you need to be doing. Without any knowledge, you'll find yourself in a panic, and it can determine a life-or-death situation. Bear is a master at surviving deadly situations, so keep his tips in mind on the chance you'll ever need it.

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