audi catches fire at 150 mph
YouTube: 1320video

Audi Catches on Fire at 150 MPH With No Brakes


This late night of street racing turns into a life-threatening situation, when an 1100-HP Audi RS3 suddenly catches fire while going 150 MPH. The worst part is that the driver had no brakes at all after the car started to burn, causing intense moments trying to get it slowed down. The whole event from start to finish was captured on camera, thanks to the passenger Kyle Loftis from 1320 Video.

1320 Video is mainly known for their drag racing content, but every now and then, they release some videos that feature a look at the local street racing scene. This channel features some high-powered race cars, so whether it's a Chevy Camaro, a Honda, or a Lamborghini, you know it's going to be fast.

The Audi owner is seen at the beginning of the video showing up and talking to Kyle about the modifications done to his car. Before the racers drive off, the RS3 driver sets up street races with a Nissan GTR and a McLaren 720s. The night quickly turned south shortly after.


As the racing begins, they finish multiple runs without any issue, and it's clear that these cars are pushing tons of power. With a big turbo and nitrous, this Audi was definitely ready to play. The real trouble starts around the four-minute mark of the video. The Audi RS3 lines up with the McLaren 720s, and they take off down the road. The Audi beats the supercar by a mile, but they immediately realize something was wrong once he got off the throttle.

They smell the car burning, and the engine shuts itself off while they are still going over 100 MPH. The racers that are following try to flash their lights at the driver to tell him that his car is on fire. The Audi driver tries braking, but realizes that it's doing nothing. Their next idea is to pull the E-brake, however, since it was electrical and the car's engine wouldn't start, this doesn't work either. With the car rapidly filling with smoke, the two occupants try their best to figure out how to stop the car and get to safety.

They continue along the highway, praying that the car will eventually come to a stop. The smoke begins to get so thick inside the car that Kyle is forced to open the door just to breathe. Sparks and flames shoot in all different directions. He even tries to drag his foot on the ground to slow the car with no luck. Eventually, they come up on a hill, and the car finally begins to lose speed and come to a halt. They exit the vehicle just in time, because the the entire car engulfs into flames only seconds after.

The cause of the fire ends up being a melted brake line that quickly disconnected. That meant that every time the driver was hitting the brakes, it was actually spraying hot brake fluid all over the engine, only fueling the fire further. The flames rapidly spread to the engine bay and grew much larger after a fuel lines melted, and they had no choice but to watch the RS3 burn. Luckily, both the driver and the passenger were able to exit the vehicle without being injured.


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