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This Is the Dumbest Way Ever to Retrieve Your Car Keys


There probably ought to be a trigger warning on this video, but only if you get super upset about really dumb and unnecessary activities.

This video, which is straight from the "Dude, Don't Do That" archive will leave you asking, "Why? Just, why?" Of all the ways to gain access to a car when you've locked your keys in the car, this is likely the dumbest.

Before you watch this video, take a moment to quickly brainstorm all of the ways you can deal with the dilemma of locking your keys in your car. Thankfully, this is one of those things that we'll never have to explain to our grandchildren, what with Phone As Key and fob sensors becoming part of the standard technology offered on today's vehicles. But still, there have got to be faster and less destructive ways to retrieve your keys than this time consuming and dangerous method.


This video includes knives and crowbars being used in perfectly legal but still terrifying ways. Between the knife hammering and sticking his arm into a hole lined with torn sheet metal, it is a surprise there wasn't more blood in this video. But darn it, he got the job done! Now that he got his keys, he can unlock the door and push this thing the rest of the way into the crusher.

But, why on Earth would anyone go to these lengths to gash a hole in the car? Is it a total junker? Does this guy have way too much time on his hands, but not enough painful flesh wounds? Is this even his car? Are we watching an unnecessarily difficult heist?

Maybe the key chain was worth more than the car? Now that would make sense.

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This post was originally published on June 27, 2017.

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