changing two tires while driving
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Folks With a Possible Death Wish Pulled Off This Absolutely Bonkers Tire-Changing Stunt


I'm willing to bet this is the first time you'll see anything like this. Normally, the process of changing out a wheel and tire is pretty straight forward, but these Saudi Arabians prove that they don't need a floor jack or some jack stands. In fact, they didn't even need to park the vehicle at all to get this job done, and it's quite a wicked sight to witness.

As the video begins, we notice a Toyota FJ Cruiser going down the road with a passenger hanging on to the running board. The SUV begins to weave back and forth, before the weight transfer eventually brings it onto two wheels. The driver skillfully keeps this car on its side while it continues down the pavement, but things only get better from here. Shortly after, the left side doors swing open, and a crew of four more people hop out to join the party on the exterior.

Without even using any type of power tool, these occupants get to work on the lug nuts. Meanwhile, the driver keeps things perfectly still on two wheels. Before you know it, they're pulling the two left wheels off the vehicle and posing for the camera. They're not finished yet though, as they repeat the process in reverse and throw the wheels back onto the SUV, then tighten the lug nuts back up. Astonishingly, they successfully get back into the vehicle before the driver finally sets it back down on four wheels.


This is just absolutely insane, but it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering the other wild stunt videos that have come out of Saudi Arabia. Regardless, it's beyond impressive that they pulled this off so flawlessly. It may not be the safest way of doing a tire change, but it's certainly the Saudi way.

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