tow truck driver unlocks car without keys
YouTube: ViralHog

Tow Truck Driver Unlocks Car Without a Key in Just Seconds

Many of us have been in this position before. Locking your keys inside your car gives you that instant "oh shit" feeling, and then you're stuck trying to brainstorm how you're going to get back inside the damn thing. Of course, when you have the right tools, the job is pretty simple, and this professional shows exactly how easy it is to break into a car with no keys.

As someone who has to use these lockout tools often in my own career, I can confirm that this is the most efficient way to get into a locked vehicle. He uses an airbag, which he wedges inside the upper side of the driver's door opening, and airs it up just enough to create a small gap. Once the gap was opened, he used a long rod to pull the inside door handle. This unlocks the door, and allows him to use the outside handle to open the door up.

If done properly like this, it leaves absolutely no damage to the vehicle. A wedge can also be used in place of the airbag, however, this increases the likelihood of scratching up the door frame. This guy executes this unlock perfectly, completing the job in less than a minute. As you can tell from the video, this car owner is blown away by how fast his problem was solved, and gives a quick shout out to the towing company.

Do keep in mind that although this is one of the most versatile lock out kits you can buy, it's never a good idea to keep these tools stored in your own personal car. Not only will you be locked out from them in this situation, but If you're ever stopped by police officers, it could be misconstrued as tools for breaking into vehicles illegally. Keeping them at your house, on the other hand, will give you easy access to them if ever needed.

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