Gearhead Makes Multi-Tool Wrench
YouTube: ViralHog

Genius Gearhead Makes His Own Multi-Tool Wrench


This is it, folks. This is the moment every mechanic, auto enthusiast, and DIYer have been waiting for. An Illinois man decided to put together the ultimate multi-tool, and this isn't just some standard tool that comes with a bunch of stuff you'll never use. He actually combined some of the most commonly-used tools in the garage, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the result.

Now, when you first check out the video, you'll see that he modified an adjustable wrench to now include a hammer on the side. Seeing how most people use the adjustable wrench as a hammer anyway, now you can do it much more efficiently. But, wait, there's more! When the wrench isn't enough, there's a 3/8 ratchet included on the other end, so you can attach any socket you need to. Talk about versatility! It's hard to get a more useable tool than that.

I'll be honest, I want one simply for the built-in hammer. Someone needs to talk this guy into mass producing these things, because I bet they'd be a hot seller. The over-the-top rock music in the background of the video is also a good touch to the epicness of this product. No need to haul your whole tool box around with you in the shop anymore. Instead, you can likely complete a majority of your project with just this one.


The best part about this thing is that you no longer have to destroy either your good ratchet or your adjustable wrench by using it as a hammer. Since no one wants to carry an actual hammer with them everywhere they go, this is the perfect compromise. I need to talk to one of my welder friends and make this happen for my own toolbox.

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