confused tesla owner at gas station

Confused Tesla Owner at Gas Station Makes for Hysterical Video


Electric vehicles come equipped with a host of cool and useful features. Of course, the most obvious of these features is the fact that the cars run on electricity and not gas. Well, at least you'd think it'd be the most obvious feature. You know, since "electric" is right there in the title. Which makes the above video of a Tesla Model S owner attempting to fill up her EV at a gas station instead of a charging station all the more embarrassing.

Originally posted on Reddit, the viral video shows a woman struggle for minutes (though it somehow feels like much longer) to locate her electric car's non-existent gas cap. While the two guys in the car behind her, one of whom is recording the whole thing, laugh hysterically at her confusion, the woman searches and searches for a place to insert the nozzle and start pumping.

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Her search eventually leads her to the Tesla's charge port, and even more confusion, as she just can't comprehend why the nozzle won't fit into the port. In a last-ditch effort to get her Model S gassed up, the woman fiddles around in the front seat, somehow opening the car's trunk in the process. I mean, the only thing that would make this wild goose chase of a video funnier is if you added in Benny Hill music.

Finally, having seen enough of her fruitless attempts to refuel her ride, one of the hysterical observers from behind the camera gets out of the car and informs the woman of her mistake. Thankfully, she seems to take the whole thing in stride and laugh it off, although, I doubt she'd be laughing if she knew her moment of fail was being recorded.

With the video having racked up several hundred thousand views, I'm guessing she knows now.

This post was originally published on December 17, 2018.


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