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Car Expert Shows How to Stop Brakes From Squeaking


There aren't too many things that are more embarrassing than pulling up to a car meet, school, hot date, or really anywhere with your brakes squealing. It literally screams, "I don't take care of my car," or "Don't come with me if you want to live." Yeah, just overall not a situation you want to be in.

Luckily, unlike most embarrassing predicaments, like a huge pimple on your forehead, squealing brakes can be remedied pretty easily. In this video posted by YouTuber ChrisFix, we see the five most common reasons for brake squeal and how to fix it.

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To fix any issue, you first need to understand it. So, let's quickly break down the underlying causes of brake squeal. Brakes make noise because they vibrate or because something is coming into physical contact with a brake part. The most common reason for brake noise are brakes that simply just need to be replaced. Chris shows us some pretty extreme versions of this with a brake pad and rotor that is on the brink of total self-annihilation.

Throughout the video, he also mentions proper lubrication, the need to replace hardware, how to clean brakes, rust, and potential backing plate issues. Pay attention to this video, and you will be back to rolling up to any spot in style. You're be turning heads, and not in a bad way. Unless you drive a Yugo, then there's basically nothing you can do -- like, at all.

This post was originally published on July 13, 2017.

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