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Don't Pay a Shop to Do Your Brakes Ever Again

Your vehicle is a complicated piece of machinery. Technology is ever-evolving and modern-day cars can be very intimidating to repair and maintain. Luckily, one of the most common and often-performed repairs has stayed relatively the same for years: Brakes.

Today, most all cars have disc brakes. This is a very simple system that involves a caliper loaded with brake pads that clamps down on a brake rotor or disc. This clamping force is applied when you press the brake pedal and fluid is pushed onto the backside of the caliper piston from the brake master cylinder under the hood. The pads and rotors both need to be replaced every so often to maintain proper brake operation.

In this video posted by Engineering Explained we are shown how to properly replace brake pads and rotors on a Honda S2000. This procedure is very similar on most all makes and models that use disc brakes.

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Watch the video and remember these two bullet points:

  • Always apply the factory recommended brake pad lubrication and caliper pin lubricant as this will allow not only for proper brake pad application but also reduce noise.
  • Always torque the brake caliper, the caliper bracket and the wheels. Every car has different torque specs, so if you don't have a repair manual for your car take the time to look it up online. If that doesn't work, a call to your local dealer should do the trick.

Learning how to do this simple procedure can greatly reduce maintenance costs and ensure the most important part of your car is working properly. As the saying goes, "If you want something done right, do it yourself."

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