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Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer With These Simple Tips


Look, we're diving head first into the summer heat this season. If you happen to be in a location where these high temperatures reach extremes, you know all too well about the interior temperature of your vehicle on those hot summer days. Opening the side door and getting roasted by the hot air is never a fun time.

Typically, people just sit in the hot car while burning themselves on their car seats, steering wheel, and gear shifter until the air conditioning eventually cools things off. However, you can drastically lessen the suffering with a little preparation. If you're among those that experience this issue on a daily basis, then I've got some great solutions for you. Let's check out a few different ways to beat the heat, and keep the interior of your car cooler on those sunny days.

Keeping Your Car's Interior Cooler

Obviously, if you're looking to avoid the heat, it's best to avoid having direct sunlight on your vehicle. One of the best ways to reduce the temperature inside your ride is to find a nice shady area to park. Whenever you're scouting out the parking lot, take shade into consideration and put these spots as a priority. Try to take advantage of any tree shade, car port coverings, parking garages, or building overhangs. A parked car in the shade will always be cooler than one in the sun.

Understandably, these spots are hard to come by sometimes. Depending on where you're at, you might have no choice. Using some type of sunshade for the front windshield is another great option to block out the heat in these situations. Not only are they fairly cheap, but they're also surprisingly effective. On top of that, most of these products fold up to the size of a frisbee for easy storage.


Additionally, applying window tint to your vehicle drastically helps block out the sunlight as well as harmful UV rays. With tinted windows, you'll keep your car cool without even having to use a sunshade. That said, it could still be a good combo, considering the windshield window tinting isn't necessarily legal. It's an affordable modification for your car windows, and let's be honest, it just looks better altogether when side glass is tinted.

Dashboard covers are extremely useful in conserving your car's interior. Not only is the dash the first surface that rays bounce off of, but overexposure to sunlight can make the material more prone to fading and cracking as time goes on. Purchasing a quality dashboard cover will prevent the sun damage, and also aid in a cooler overall temperature inside.

Another reliable technique is leaving your car windows cracked. Open windows will allow the cooler air to circulate through even if they're only slightly rolled down. Of course, this does leave your vehicle at risk for a break in. Adding window visors or deflectors does a great job at covering the open portion of the window, hiding it from others but still functioning in cooling your car.


Lastly, leather seats and upholstery can get hot in a hurry. Getting a set of seat covers and a steering wheel cover will avoid your skin from sizzling during the hotter times. If you're stuck without any of the sun protection listed above, let me leave you with one last tip. Simply leave the door open for a few seconds before jumping in your car, and allow the hot air to escape first. Take all these tips into consideration, and you'll find yourself beginning to rely less on the cool air of the air conditioner.

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