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Armored Tesla Stops Bullets in Test Video



From self-driving capabilities to a remote driving feature to the climate control and smartphone compatible Dog Mode, Tesla has been continuously pushing the boundaries when it comes to technological innovation. But, even as innovative as the folks over at Tesla are, they can't come up with everything.

Thankfully, there are other companies out there that are able to customize Teslas in ways that even Elon Musk couldn't imagine. Companies like Armormax, for example. The Utah-based lightweight armoring division of the International Armoring Corporation ended up putting together a bulletproof Tesla Model S, and it is a serious beast of a vehicle. Just check out the specs on this thing.

Per Armormax:


International Armoring combines safety with style with the all-electric armored Tesla Model S. Without compromising the Tesla's sleek sedan design, IAC armors this eco-friendly vehicle to be able to withstand any attack. Additionally, with Tesla's "Bio-Weapon Defense Mode" air filtration, this armored Tesla will be protected against the worst. The armored Model S comes in a variety of trims with various features and battery sizes. Only trust your armored Model S with Armormax lightweight protection for security no matter where you travel.

With the bulletproof Tesla Model S' revolutionary design, 90 kilowatt-hour battery, high-performance drive inverter, and IAC's Armormax custom armoring technology, the vehicle turns into a dream come true. Call us today to for a free quote and ask about our designs. Feel free to come visit us to test drive various armored vehicles.

In the same way that it's awesome that companies like Armormax are coming up with stuff like bulletproof Teslas, it's also awesome that there are YouTubers out there willing to test this stuff out. That's where JerryRigEverything comes into play. In the above video, he tests the Armormax Tesla's bulletproof capabilities by putting it to the test against a Glock 19 9mm handgun and hollowpoint 9mm bullets.

Hey, what do you know? It actually holds up!

This post was originally published on May 10, 2019.

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