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Tesla Driver Uses Nifty Remote Driving Feature to Avoid Parking Tickets


Even if you don't really buy into the whole Tesla model and don't see yourself owning one of the electric cars anytime soon, you still have to admit that Elon Musk's brainchild crams its vehicles with some pretty damn awesome bells and whistles.

Take the Summon feature, for example. In its current form, it allows you remotely move your car up to 39 feet, either forwards or backwards, letting you snake your car into tight spots without the stress of being behind the wheel.

One Tesla owner from Janeville, Wisconsin named D Shawn Kennedy seriously used that feature to his advantage when he kept moving his car into different parking spots from his office window to deal with city's strict two-hour parking rule. The video even got the attention of Musk himself.

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Now, if you thought that was cool, that's not even the tip of the iceberg. The creative geniuses at Tesla are working on an advanced version of Tesla Summon that, according to Musk, would be like having a "big RC car." I mean, to say that sounds epic would be quite the understatement.

Per Digital Trends:

[The Summon update] will arrive via an over-the-air software upgrade. That means Tesla owners will go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning with a car that can follow them around. Summon will be available on most Tesla models from the last two years. As long as the car has the advanced driver assistance system (usually referred to as Autopilot) or the upgraded version known as enhanced Autopilot, it will be able to get the Summon update.

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