train crashes into fedex truck
YouTube: FOX 5 New York

Train Smashes Through FedEx Truck, Sends Packages Flying


Train crashes, unfortunately, are not as rare as we would probably all like them to be. That said, you don't tend to see too many accidents quite like the one in the above video.

In this dashcam footage released by the North Salt Lake Police Department back in late January 2017, a Utah Transit Authority FrontRunner was captured crashing into a FedEx cargo truck during a snowstorm in North Salt Lake, Utah.

Thankfully, both drivers and all of the 82 passengers onboard the train were uninjured, but, as you can see from the video, the train, which was traveling around 40 MPH at the moment of impact, absolutely obliterated the FedEx truck and the packages it was carrying.


"The first trailer behind the semi was pretty much cut in half by the train," Chief Jeff Barrett of the South Davis Metro Fire Department said immediately following the crash.

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Now, initially, officials with the Utah Transit authorities assumed that the ice and snow caused the gates to malfunction, which would've then led to the crash. Several days later, however, they determined that the gates were mistakenly raised by a UTA employee.

"We have determined that the gates were raised by a UTA employee who responded to the scene, and the accident was caused by human error," said UTA Chief Safety and Security Officer Dave Goeres. "The investigation verified that the signal system functioned properly, and [had previously gone] into a safe, down and active mode, as it's programmed to do."


Goeres added that "we're just very grateful that no one was seriously injured." Yeah, you could say that again. Could you imagine if someone were? Talk about lawsuit city.

This post was originally published on January 26, 2017.

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