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How Much Do FedEx Drivers Make?


Full-time and part-time driving jobs are held by many around the United States, and it can actually be a pretty lucrative career if you do it right. Becoming an owner-operator in trucking is certainly one way to increase your pay, but if you prefer a company driver job, there are still tons of great options.

FedEx is a perfect example of this. It's been known for quite a while that this is a great company to work for, so it made me wonder: What exactly is the average salary for one of these FedEx truck drivers? Salary ranges will vary depending on the position, but below, we'll break down what you can expect to earn with this company.


FedEx Delivery Driver Salaries

Now, if you're interested in being behind the wheel of a semi truck, becoming a long-haul trucker might be a good option. It is categorized as a FedEx ground position, and these drivers do enjoy the perk of a guaranteed minimum 2,400 miles each week. You are required to have a class a CDL (commercial driver's license) along with a clean driving record for this job.


OTR company drivers for FedEx have reported that they earn somewhere in the realm of $0.98 to $1.29 per mile. Salary reports for owner operators show a yearly pay of $66,462, which equates to hourly wages around $31.95.

If you're not a fan of driving all over the United States, FedEx also has local driving jobs available. For this job description, you'd either be driving a day cab semi truck, or one of their cargo trucks to complete pick-ups and drop-offs. The bright side is that you can get home to your family each night instead of staying on the road. The national average pay for these city drivers, according to Glassdoor is $36,000, per year or $17 per hour.

One of the more lucrative positions as a driver appears to be the FedEx freight LTL (Less than a truckload) drivers. LTL is talked about among truck drivers everywhere for having higher paying loads, and it's no different at FedEx. Drivers with this company doing LTL deliveries can expect to earn between $72,000-$79,000 per year.


FedEx Delivery Driver Benefits

Perks for working at FedEx goes beyond just a higher base salary. As a FedEx employee, you'll have access to some industry leading benefit packages, including a 401K, healthcare, early benefits, employee discounts, life insurance, stock options, vacation time, and even tuition assistance up to $2,500 per year.

Combine those benefits with the good pay, and you've got yourself a pretty solid job. Whether you're a package handler, loader, driver, or warehouse worker, holding any job title with FedEx in general could be pretty beneficial to you. Keep in mind, these are average numbers, so pay will vary depending on location. Consider these wages, and the cost of living around you, then you can decide for yourself whether or not FedEx is the place for you!

This post was originally published on January 13, 2021.

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