Truck Involved in Multiple Accidents on Highway
YouTube: Esther Oha

Truck Gets in Multiple Accidents During Apparent Trailer Theft


Take a look at the craziness that went down in Monterrey, Mexico. Filmed via dashcam, the footage shows a semi truck being followed by a pickup truck, and some erratic driving definitely takes place between the two vehicles. Later down the road, the two vehicles end up crashing, and they take out another truck driver in the process.

So, here's the alleged story behind the incident. Apparently, this semi truck was hauling a stolen trailer down the highway to Saltillo, another city in Mexico, and the pickup that was hot on the semi's tail was attempting to recover it. I'm not exactly sure what his plan was to stop this massive truck, but judging by what happens later in the video, I'd say it didn't exactly work out so well. Suddenly, it shows a clip of the two trucks making contact with each other, which resulted in the pickup truck flipping and the semi spinning out.

To take this insanity further, the semi continues to try and get away, even though the driver's sitting sideways in the middle of the highway, nearly jackknifed and halfway into the grass. Making matters even worse, another semi is unable to slow down in time and slams into the side of the stolen trailer. Following this, the original semi truck driver still flees the scene. He drives down the wrong way of the highway, before going out of frame, and the car filming speeds away to get out of the area. With all the damage that was done to the trailer, I think it's safe to assume he didn't make it too far.


Could you imagine seeing this happen right in front of you? That's got to be a crazy thing to witness in person, but the friends behind the dashcam seemed to have had a few laughs about the whole ordeal. Yet another example of how you never really know what you're going to witness out there on the highway.

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