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Van Driver Crashes Into Roundabout and Goes Flying


For novice drivers and experienced motorists alike, the roundabout has been known to create predicament after predicament on roadways all over the world. Meant to effectively expedite the flow of traffic more so than your average intersection, the roundabout has been causing confusion basically since its inception, mostly due to the fact that a lot of folks out there just really don't know how to appropriately drive through one.

All that being said, I challenge you to find a more colossal roundabout fail than this one from out of the United Kingdom, where one driver essentially launched his van into another stratosphere.

Per BBC:


Dashcam footage has revealed the moment a van launched into the air after hitting a roundabout on the A11 in Norfolk.

The silver van had just overtaken another vehicle as it was approaching the junction on the dual carriageway near Attleborough on 1 September.

No other vehicles were involved and the van landed on the roundabout.

Three people suffered non life-threatening injuries in the crash, police said.

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Yikes! I don't really know any other way to explain this except to just assume that the driver was actually trying to get his van to go airborne. There's no way he could've come into the roundabout with that much speed while also expecting to make the sharp turn.

Can you imagine actually being there to witness that in person though? I probably would've figured that they were filming a stunt for a movie or something. After all, it did go down the U.K. Maybe it was a scene for the new James Bond movie.

Of course, the likelihood of that legitimately being the case is slim to none. Even so, the driver was probably both shaken as well as just a little bit stirred as a result of that high-flying crash.


This post was originally published on September 17, 2018.

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