woman crashes through liquor store
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Woman Plows Through Liquor Store, and It's a Miracle No One Was Killed



Back in November 2018, Samantha Lynn Baxter added two more charges to her ridiculously lengthy rap sheet, after surveillance video shows the 38-year-old woman crashing through the entrance of a liquor store in Muskegon Heights, Michigan and seriously injuring a deliveryman in the process.

Add operating while impaired and causing serious injury to a long list of offenses for Baxter, which includes controlled substance possession, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, escaping while awaiting trial for a felony, resisting arrest, larceny in a building, and tampering with an electronic monitoring device.

To put in more plainly, she's a four-time habitual offender. Oh, and she had just gotten discharged from parole only three weeks before the incident, according to the Detroit Free Press. Some people just don't know how to keep it together.


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Baxter claims that she accidentally hit the accelerator when she meant to hit the brake, but witnesses pointed out that she had been "driving erratically" outside of the store. Sounds like she was probably right in the middle of a quality bender to celebrate the end of her parole. Or, who knows? It could've just been a case of some serious bad luck.

Speaking of bad luck, the deliveryman injured during the crash was treated for a broken hip and a fractured leg at a nearby hospital. As you can see from the video, it looks like he got hit straight into next year. He's lucky his injuries weren't more severe, because judging from the speed of the car and the angle of the impact, that crash very well could have been fatal.


This post was originally published on November 7, 2018.

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