car crashes through grocery store
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Man Crashes Through Grocery Store and Faces Laundry List of Charges


Clean up on aisle 12!

In a wild incident that went down late last week in Columbia Falls, Montana, a 50-year-old man was arrested and charged after crashing his 1995 Chevrolet Lumina through the front doors of a Super 1 Foods grocery store.

The man drove down several aisles before finally exiting the scene of the crime. While there was a significant amount of damage done to the store, thankfully, no one was hurt.


"I'm an employee for the Super 1 in Columbia Falls," writes the above video's uploader. "I was walking up to one of the registers and heard a loud bang and walked to the doors to see what that was about and then I heard a scream and people running away from the doors and that's when I saw the car bust through the second pair of sliding doors and didn't stop there. I was confused at first, thinking it was an accident, but when he kept driving towards us, I knew it wasn't an accident and ran upstairs to a safe level."

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After crashing the Lumina into a trailer across the highway, a naked Alan Roger Connor Jr. ran from the car, and was eventually apprehended about one block away from a retirement home.

In a release following the incident, the Columbia Falls Police Department revealed the long list of charges that Connor is facing.


Per Columbia Falls Police Department:

Today at approximately 2:00 pm, the Columbia Falls Police Department has identified, arrested, and charged the suspect and driver who drove into and through, Super One Foods as 50-year-old Alan Roger Connor Jr. of Columbia Falls. As a result of Connor's actions, he is being charged with the following crimes:

1. Attempted Negligent Vehicular Assault
2. Criminal Endangerment
3. Criminal Mischief (3) Felony
4. Aggravated DUI
5. Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
6. Operating a motor vehicle with no proof of insurance
7. Duty to give information or render aid at an accident scene

And that, kids, is why you should never drink and drive.

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