lamborghini aventador keying

Surveillance Footage Shows Man Keying a Lamborghini Aventador in Poland


Even a protective fence wasn't enough to protect a Lamborghini Aventador from serious damage, as surveillance video from out of Poland shows a shady-looking hooded guy hopping over the fence, keying the sports car, and then just hopping right back over the fence and continuing with his day.

It's unclear as to what motivated the car keyer to do what he did, but according to the uploader of the video, he was either a "communist who don't like capitalists. Or just jealous poor little fella."

Those seem like two decent theories, but who knows? Maybe he was just bored and the fancy, orange car just happened to catch his eye. Maybe he was actually the owner of the Aventador and was hoping to collect on insurance money. I don't know how prevalent auto-based insurance fraud is in Poland or how effective a car keying would actually be in raking in substantial insurance returns, but I guess stranger things have happened.

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To be honest, the owner of the Lambo (unless he was, in fact, the one committing the crime the first place) probably could have stood to go to better lengths to protect his ride. That thing belongs in a garage, not just out and about for everyone to see and mess with. But, after seeing the security footage, the owner probably learned his lesson and invested in a more effective way to shield his ride.

As for the guy who keyed the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, he's probably less likely to learn any type of lesson from this, and considering that he managed to keep his identity pretty well hidden, he probably ended up getting away scot free.

Free to key another super sports car.

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