insurance scammer caught on dashcam
YouTube: ViralHog

Insurance Scammer Fakes Getting Hit, But Gets Busted on Dashcam

The award for the worst insurance fraud attempt goes to this man right here. This wild occurrence happened in November 2020, just after the U.S. presidential election (hence the Trump signs everywhere). It was a pretty crazy time, and this video is only further proof of that. Watch this man make a fool of himself, and let's go over a few details of what followed.

So, obviously, there was some type of Trump supporter meet-up in this particular area. They occupied a large area of the parking lot, and as this driver tried to make his way through, one guy in particular decided to step in the driving lane to block the car. Now, this driver gave plenty of room to get around the crowd, but apparently that wasn't enough. The man walks in front of the vehicle, causing the driver to hit the brakes and stop the car completely. There was very minor contact, but to be fair, it was mainly because the guy just walked directly into the car.

The man then dramatically exaggerates the hit and lays his body on the hood of the car for a split second before splashing his drink on the windshield. Once he was clear of the car, the driver immediately started moving in order to get out of the situation. Things get even crazier, though.

After relocating to a new portion of the parking lot, we then witness that same man come flying over in his Ford F-150, with an attempt to block the driver again and confront them for what happened. He came in very aggressively, and once again. the driver managed to hit a gap and put some distance between them.

Here's the greatest part of the story. That man who blocked the car was obviously in the wrong, but he actually tried to file an insurance claim around five months later. Clearly, he was unaware that this driver had a dashcam, and he was denied practically the second that the insurance company laid eyes on the footage. Moral of the story is don't act stupid like this man, never try and commit insurance fraud, and always keep a dashcam in your vehicle.

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