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Driver Lets His Forklift Get Away From Him and Dents Up a Truck

This, right here, is what I like to call a "double whammy fail." Or, in other words, a forklift driver who had a really, really bad day.

Let's start from the beginning of this incident, which went down in British Columbia, Canada. First off, the operator is attempting to move a boat, but it ends up getting detached from the shoddy forklift setup. Fail number one.

Then, the guy gets out of the forklift to chase after the runaway boat, but he doesn't park the thing, so it goes rolling backwards and dents up the truck behind him. Fail number two. Hence, the double whammy fail. Yeah, you really hate to see it. Talk about a tough break.

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"The Shop Manager at the time was moving a boat with the forklift as part of his job," reads the video's description. "It did not go as expected. As the owners, my husband and I always wondered where the dent in that truck came from. The former employee did not come forward and tell us what happened so we are not sure when it occurred. The former employee posted the video of the CCTV footage without our knowledge."

As one YouTube commenter so aptly put it, "Dang. Talk about a forked up day." Fantastic puns aside, I really don't envy the forklift driver in that moment. You can tell by the way he reacts at the end of the video that he knows he goofed up big time. He'd give anything to be anywhere but where he's at in that moment.

Heck, we've all been there. Well, maybe not exactly there, but, you know, probably in a similar situation? Okay, so this guy is definitely on his own with this one. Oh well. Better luck next time, buddy!

This post was originally published on August 28, 2020.

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