Linde Forklift Kid's Ride on Toy

This Pedal-Powered Forklift Toy is Too Cool

Forget getting your kiddo a new tablet! Your little boys (and tough girls) are going to love this forklift riding toy. Many toddlers admire semi trucks and race cars at their age, so I'm glad they'll get a chance to experience the thrill of being in a forklift at a young age.

The toy forklift is available on Amazon for under $370. It may sound a bit pricey, but your baby boy is going to love it! The kid's ride is recommended for ages three and up and has a max child height of 55 inches. They should be able to use their awesome children's forklift trucks for years!

Linde Forklift Kid's Ride on Toy

  • Ackermann steering with trailer couplings in the front and back.
  • Precision chain drive
  • Removable operators cab, adjustable stroke stand and lockable seat carrier

Customer reviews are fantastic. An Amazon customer gave the high-quality kid's toys a five-star rating and said, "This is quality toy. Our Grandson just turned 2 so he's a bit small to use it. He's just learning to pedal. He was very excited when he opened his bday gift. It's just like his Papa's, he calls it a "Pork lift."

That's so sweet! Kids are smarter than we think. They see their parents, grandparents, and other hard workers on John Deere construction vehicles and want to try using one because it looks fun! Of course, they can't ride in real life forklifts, so the pedal-powered forklift is perfect for pretend play.

The kid's forklift truck puts toy cars and tricycles to shame. Kids will grow up learning to drive cars before you know it, but when else will they get the chance to have their own forklift? The Big Linde forklift is too cool. Snag it just in time for Christmas and let your little one know that Santa brought this children's forklift truck just for them.

This post was originally published on September 25, 2020.

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