rv tows huge boat
YouTube: ViralHog

RV Just Barely Tows Boat Around Tight Turn



Talk about one seriously close call! Now, I don't know if they have special towing regulations in Bigfork, Montana, or if this RV driver was just playing fast and loose with the law, because what we've got here is too much equipment going around too tight of a turn.

Thankfully, everything turned out okay in the end, as the RV made it around the turn and no vehicles were dinged up in the process. What makes this whole incident even crazier, though, is that none of the other drivers on the road seemed to mind all that much. At least, according to the uploader of the above video.

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"Just a random situation sitting at a light in my really small town in Northwest Montana," the video's uploader writes.

"We get a lot of visitors from other states as our town sits on the north end of the big beautiful Flathead Lake. Word is, that boat is too wide to go down the road so it has to be tilted, once it's at the lake a lift lowers it down and it is launched normally. Also, many people said that boats like that are a common occurrence on Lake Havasu but it is not common here. The car in front of me and myself backed up a bit for him so he'd have room to make the turn. No one seemed bothered about it and he made the turn well and in one try."

Wow. The folks over in Bigfork, Montana must be some of the most calm and patient drivers in the United States. If this goes down in pretty much any other stretch of highway, you'd definitely have at least a few pissed off people on the road.

Guess everything's just a lot more easygoing in Big Sky Country.


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