ford falcon crash
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Ford Falcon Spins Out and Crashes on Slick Highway

Controlled skids are a fun time, but skids like this, well, that's a different story. This rear-facing dashcam on a Ute catches this wild moment when a Ford Falcon spun out of control on the M1 in Mooney Mooney, New South Wales, Australia. Take this video as a friendly reminder to always make sure your tires still have enough tread before driving on the roadway, especially in wet conditions.

When you drive on bald tires, it doesn't take too long for something like this to happen. That said, I was actually a little bit surprised that the driver doesn't appear to jerk the wheel too hard when the slide originally initiates, so it must have been too much throttle. It was definitely something that he could have saved with the right reaction, but he made another mistake that many drivers would also be guilty of doing in the same situation: overcorrecting the wheel. After the car hooked once more, it sent the car on a direct shot towards the rock wall.

Once the Falcon made contact with the wall, it completed about three or four more spins across the road, causing multiple drivers to slam on the brakes. One SUV was forced to go into the ditch to avoid the crashed car. It may have even been a buddy of the guy filming, because you can hear the driver ask if he is all right over the radio. Although that was a little unfortunate, it wasn't nearly as bad as the Ford Falcon itself. Judging by the pictures, that ride is definitely totaled. The driver might want to remove that sticker on his rear window that says "Jim's gonna send it," because it didn't work out too well for him in this case.

This driver just got on the throttle a little too quick, and unfortunately, he just wasn't able to reel it back in. I would expect nothing more from a P-plate driver, but I'd assume some hard lessons were learned on this day about driving in the wet. Be careful out there, because your day can turn from good to bad in a split second if you end up in a situation like this.

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