biker lands on feet after crash
YouTube: Legitimate Business Man

Biker Miraculously Lands on Feet After Getting Hit by Car


Taylor Smith must have been a cat in a previous life, because not only does this guy seem to have a couple extra lives stashed away, but he's also got the amazing ability to land on his feet.

Back in 2015, the biker became a viral sensation after posting a video of himself getting hit by a car, flying through the air, and somehow landing on his feet. Uploaded under the name Legitimate Business Man, the video has racked up more than four million views on YouTube. And, when you watch the footage for yourself, you'll see why it's so popular.

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In an interview with local CBS station KPIX 5, Smith briefly gave his side of the story.

"He was slamming on his brakes, so it launched me forward; somehow I landed on my feet," Smith said. "Actually pretty happy because that probably reduced any further damage that could have happened to my body."

Posting under the name King-JaffeJoffer on Reddit, Smith detailed a little more about the crash's aftermath.

"Just stiffness, bruising, and the occasional sharp pain," he wrote. "Doesn't feel like anything is broken or torn but I'll leave that up to the experts to decide. I wouldn't be surprised if I walked away from this with a couple of bruises and that's it though."


"A couple of people began crossing the street and would have been taken out if I wasn't in the way of this driver Let's call it taking one for the team."

In response to claims that the video was fake by a number of skeptical viewers (not an unfair assumption, considering that you can't believe a lot of things you see on the internet), Smith posted a photo gallery showing the damage to his "heavily customized" 2011 Daytona 675 bike. The gallery was later removed.

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