Today in “accidents that could have easily been avoided” news, we’ve got a crash in Grays Lake, Missouri that ended in a car getting totaled. In the highway Thunderdome scenario, two cars attempted to enter the middle lane and only one car left completely intact. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t use a turn signal and clearly forget to check the ol’ blind spot.

Here’s how the incident went down, according to the driver of the non-totaled car who filmed the whole thing via dash cam.

Per ViralHog:

“I recorded this accident with my Aukey dashcam. A girl merged into my lane right after I had switched. She failed to signal or shoulder check. Both the police and insurance have stated that she is at fault, still awaiting final payment. Her car is totaled, mine is still being decided. I was uninjured, she had minor neck pain. The driver of the yellow Penske van was her boyfriend. The accident occurred around mile marker 252 on east bound Interstate 44, near Grays Lake Missouri.”

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To be sure, most drivers have lapses in good judgement every now and then, but unfortunately, one driver’s multiple mistakes led to this absolutely disastrous situation. As one commenter points out, though, some good defensive driving on the part of the semi trucker seen earlier in the video kept the accident from being much worse than it was.


“Props to the semi truck driver for not crashing into car with the dash cam,” the commenter writes.


“Why would you stay in that lane and slow down so much when you know there’s a semi truck behind you and they can’t brake on the spot? The right lane is still open for you to do that.”

And that was Driver’s Ed 101 brought to you by the YouTube comment section.

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