chain reaction power pole crash
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Mercedes Topples Power Pole During Chain-Reaction Crash


If there is any sort of lesson to be learned from this chain-reaction crash that went down in Moscow, Russia, it's this: Always, ALWAYS check your blind spot. It's really not a hard maneuver. All it takes is a head turn to the right or the left and a quick check to make sure no one is coming up alongside you, before making a safe and telegraphed lane change. But, more often than you'd think, drivers out there don't check their blind spots, whether out of impatience or just plain forgetfulness.

Failing to pull off a successful blind spot check can land you in a whole lot of trouble, and as you can see from the below video, it's a mistake that can sometimes lead to..."shocking" consequences.

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Like the video shows, the Land Rover driver was the chief offender, though the Mercedes ended up bearing the brunt of the crash, and a total of three cars were damaged when the Mercedes slammed into the telephone pole.

Luckily, everyone involved in the chain-reaction crash only sustained minor injuries, because anytime a telephone pole comes toppling down and sparks come shooting out, that's usually a sign of a much more grave outcome.

You've got to feel pretty bad for the Mercedes driver, though, since he definitely got the worst of it. He's just driving along, minding his own business, when someone else's idiocy behind the wheel leads to his car being flipped onto its roof with a live telephone pole on top of it. Talk about bad luck. Hopefully, he has way better luck on the road going forward.

This post was originally published on May 29, 2019.


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