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Russian Cyclist Runs a Red Light, Ends up Seriously Paying for It

Red means stop, green means go. Most of us (hopefully) learned that concept when we were in the low single digits, and yet for some reason, not everyone out there seems to grasp it all that well on the road. Take this Russian cyclist, for example, who blew right through a red light and crashed into the front side of an oncoming car. You hate to see someone get wrecked like that, but he did kind of have it coming.

The dude ends up almost doing a full front flip over the hood of the car and lands HARD on his right shoulder. Considering the impact of the landing, he sat up surprisingly quick. I would've probably milked the injury for at least a solid 30 seconds before popping up like that. Then again, I would also never ride a bike through a red light in busy traffic, but I digress.

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Not to disparage all cyclists (but also kind of to disparage all cyclists), I don't know what it is with them thinking they own the road. In my opinion, you should save the biking for closed-off trails and the like, but hey, I don't make the rules of the road. I'm also not an expert on Russian roads (one of my many faults, I guess), but it didn't look like the cyclist was riding in any sort of bike lane. Not to add insult to injury (but also kind of to add insult to injury), but this guy definitely dropped the ball in almost every way possible. Pretty hard to feel bad for him. Hopefully, he at least learned his lesson and will keep the recklessness to a minimum the next time he decides to hit the streets in his bike.

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