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Cyclist Unleashes Hell on Driver Who Was in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

The heated rivalry between cyclists and drivers has been ongoing for quite some time now. In the past several decades or so, it's been one of the most contentious pairings since cats and dogs and Democrats and Republicans.

Well, if this cell phone video from out of New York City is any indication, it looks like cyclists have slightly gained the upper hand, at least as far as road raging is concerned.

We don't get all that much back story to this, but judging from context clues, it looks like the biker was trying to ride across the street with a couple of his best biker buddies when a car almost crashed right into them. Maybe the driver was at fault or maybe it was the cyclist, but either way, the cyclist felt like he had been wronged in some way and wanted everyone in the Five Boroughs to know about it.

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Rather than talk things out in a civilized manner, wannabe Lance Armstrong unleashed a Tour de Force all over his new enemy's car. The angry cyclist's rage cycle consisted of the following: He screamed, he kicked the driver's door a couple times, he screamed some more, and finally, to top it all off, he kicked the guy's mirror off. It doesn't get much more textbook road rage attack than that.

Now, I understand the dynamics of the cyclist vs. driver rivalry. Most cyclists think all drivers are assholes and most drivers think cyclists are assholes. I know this animosity isn't just go away over night. Despite all of that, it's my sincere hope that, just for one week, maybe two, cyclists and car drivers can come together and work to fight and win against the common enemy: electric scooterists. I mean, those people are the worst.

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