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Australian Woman Suffers from Bruises, PTSD After Extreme Pickaxe Road Rage Attack


As you probably know, road rage isn't a one-size fits all type deal. There are varying levels of road rage, from aggressive middle finger-waving at a stoplight to full-blown brawls in the middle of the road. Of these different types of road rage incidents, there are few that take a serious physical as well as a mental toll on the victim.

Unfortunately for one woman from Melbourne, Australia, she suffered not only bruises but also post traumatic stress as a result of a terrifying pickaxe road rage attack that was captured on video.

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The terrifying ordeal started when the woman began filming a driver on the freeway who refused to let her pass. As soon as both of the cars pulled over, both a man and a woman began screaming at the unidentified driver. After allegedly storming towards the victim's car and punching her in the head through her open window, the road-raging man went back to his car and returned with a pickaxe, which he used to violently smash the woman's windshield and driver side window.


"I remember thinking, 'I cannot believe that this is the way that I'm going to die,'" the Australian woman told 7 News.

"I think he was absolutely trying to hurt me or kill me. The pickaxe actually left a hole in my seat where my chest, neck area would have been."

Who even does something like this?! It's like a scene out of a horror movie.

It turns out that the pickaxe-wielding man, who inflicted bruises on his victim's arms from the attack, did not entered a plea and is set to appear back in court in December. Hopefully, he ends up doing some serious time for this.


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