truck flips onto house
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Truck Crashes Into Telephone Pole, Flips Onto House

You think you've seen it all. You really think you've seen it all. And, then, video comes out of a truck careening off the road, slamming into a telephone pole, and then landing RIGHT ON A HOUSE. That's when you realize that there are still things out there that can surprise you.

The incident I'm talking about went down in Ontario, Canada, and the 24-year-old man behind the wheel of the truck ended up getting charged with careless driving after veering into a ditch, which caused the truck to go airborne.

Somehow, neither the driver nor his passenger sustained any injuries in the crash.

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Per CBC:

Const. Michelle Coulombe told CBC News the sight of the Penske truck atop a house was a first.

"We've seen people drive into commercial buildings or homes," Coulombe said. "But a big truck like that to land on the roof of a house. No. Never."

The owner of the house told CBC News he was standing in his driveway when the truck launched into the air.

He said he hasn't had a chance to check the entire house, but the only interior damage he could see was a few cracks in the drywall.

The owner, who's lived in the house for nine years, said he is staying in his garage until the electricity and oil furnace in the house can be turned back on.

Imagine being the guy who lives in that house? One second, you're enjoying your day, probably whistling a happy tune, making yourself a sandwich, when all of the sudden, a truck lands on your house. Day ruined. Hard to keep a smile on your face and a spring in your step after a disaster like that.

Hopefully, that guy has better luck in the future, because he really got the short end of the stick with this one.

This post was originally published on September 11, 2019.

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