dodge vs. chevy street race
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Dodge vs. Chevy Street Race Ends in Collision


Not that any of you dear readers out there would ever partake in illegal street racing, but if you or maybe a friend have ever seen such a race in person, you know that just about anything can happen. We're talking ANYTHING, from a gnarly wipeout to a triple-digit flyby to a little bit of interference courtesy of local law enforcement.

In the above video posted by 1320video, a Turbo LS swapped 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger gives the automotive equivalent to a booty bump on the dance floor to a small block Chevy S10.

Luckily, this happened right off the launch, and no one got hurt. The cars didn't take too much damage and spirits were still pretty high as after the S-10 owner assessed his damage he says: "We're good, lets go again."


Per 1320video:

We HATE seeing things like this happen! Just a couple of guys trying to grind out a friendly street race when BOOM, out of NOWHERE the rear tires let loose and one car SLAMS into the other! Thankfully nobody was injured, and there wasn't enough damage to stop either car from getting home. Stay safe out there guys!

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Nice to see a relatively happy ending to a street race crash. Safe to say this one will be handled outside of an insurance claim, although it would be funny to see how they would have explained it to an adjuster. We'd imagine it going a little something like this.

"My classic Dodge Dart slowly pulled out of 7-11, and due to inclement weather slipped, right into a normal everyday S-10 pickup on its way to Home Depot."


Uhh, yeah right. Good luck getting that to slide.

This post was originally published on May 2, 2017.

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