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This Log Splitter Made From a Car Spring Really Gets the Job Done


If you've got a leftover junker lying around, then you've certainly thought about how to best use its remaining parts. However, have you ever thought about how you'd use the parts to make your own nifty invention? We're not talking about using the parts on a restomod project, but actually going full DIY pro and making a machine that could make your job (and life) a whole lot easier.

Well, one man used a little bit of redneck ingenuity and put together a manual log splitter from steel scraps and a coil spring from a car's suspension. Now, that's how you think outside of the box! Those logs never stood a chance.

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As you can see, the whole process works pretty smoothly. With an axe head on one end, the basic sprung lever setup leverages the weight of the steel to power through the wood. On top of that, the coil spring helps out with lifting the arm and holding it out of the way while the next log is loaded in place for splitting.

As the video's uploader explains, "Although this method looks pointless, it has the benefit of saving your back especially when the axe gets stuck in the log you are trying to split." Hey, that sounds pretty good to us. If the guy found a way to work smarter and not harder, then more power to him.

Sure, there is something that's rewarding about chopping wood the old fashioned way, but here on Alt_driver, we're all about inventiveness. And, this manual log splitter is one awesome invention. To whoever made this, keep up the good work!

This post was originally published on January 30, 2017.



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