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V8 Chainsaw Called "The Predator" Slices Through Stump in 2 Seconds



Here at Alt_driver, we appreciate machines of all kinds. With that in mind, there's just something about a chainsaw that really revs our engine. Mention a chainsaw with a V8 engine, and you've not only got our attention, but we need to see proof of this thing in action. ASAP. Thankfully, we got just that.

Feast your eyes on this two-man beast, fittingly known as "The Predator," which is not only monstrous, but requires an equally monstrous set of balls to operate. Stocked with a V8 capable of producing 300 horsepower, "The Predator" weighs a whopping 508 pounds (hence the need for two people to wield it) and produces a chain speed of 200 MPH.

As it turns out, this same chainsaw holds a world logging record, as it's able to cut through a 30-inch trunk in just 0.88 seconds. What your about to see is not the world record-setting attempt, but is still an impressive feat of "The Predator" in action. At Logging Days in Placerville, California, a pair of Predator-wielding loggers sliced through a massive stump in just 2.2 seconds. Just see it for yourself!


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Hot damn! They cut through that stump like a stick of butter!

Tip of the cap to Enumclawn, Washington native Robert Andrews, who happens to be the builder of "The Predator." For all you gearheads out there, the saw's driving mechanism is a jackshaft from a farm tractor and pulleys from a dragster's supercharger drive the chain. As for the chain, Andrews used an Oregon 11H Harvester chain used in mechanized logging, and also custom built a four-foot bar.

Built to run between 8,000 to 9,000 RPMs, this mean machine was meant to dish out some serious damage.


This post was originally posted on November 7, 2016.

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